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The Restoration Oyster Company is a public private partnership that aims to supply the Gulf Coast with oyster spat and seeds to help restore native oyster reefs and provide a stable source of seeds for the burgeoning oyster farming industry along the Gulf Coast.


Located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we aim to provide up to 85 million R6-sized triploid oysters available to oyster farmers each year. Our plan is to begin selling oysters in the Spring 2022. While we are not trying to book orders at this time, we are working to determine a level of interest from current and future oyster farmers. If you anticipate need of oyster seed starting in Spring 2022, please complete the form below or email us for more information. 


Additionally, we will produce up to 650 million diploid-eyed larvae in order to support oyster restoration efforts in Mobile Bay spearheaded by the Alabama Wildlife federation,  the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Restoration Oyster Company. 


Together, these efforts should be able to support the restoration of up to 25 acres of oyster reef every year in Mobile Bay and the surrounding areas.


Six to nine hatches per year with ½ triploid and ½ diploid starting spring 2022

up to 86 million Triploids available each year to farms along the northern gulf coast
aquaculture specialist to operate the facility and control production

providing Oysters to improve habitaT, water quality and rebuild the oyster fishing industry





ward, III

With many years of experience in multiple business startups, Bestor now ventures into a new project with the vision to create a unique partnership that will benefit both business and the bay.






ward IV

After many years in forest,  land management and software development, Bestor IV is leading the research and development of our new hatchery and will oversee daily operations.



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